The US (under Trump) and the EU/NATO Alliance.

We have, most of us anyway, in the past expressed our dissatisfaction and concern about both NATO and the EU, two very powerful organisations that are not governed by democratic principles, not accountable to the people of Europe but that very much affect our well-being , even our continued existence on this continent.

In the case of NATO, we have a military Organisation that was created in the forties, primarily by the US, to counter whatever threat was posed by the former Soviet Union and the countries of the Warsaw Pact, neither of which now exist as both collapsed more than a quarter century ago. NATO is not a “defence mechanism” as has been claimed, but a very aggressive, intimidating tool of the West to promote the often dubious goals of the “ruling elite”.

The EU, no longer a European Economic Community, but more of a “United States of Europe” has often been described as the “political arm” of NATO that exercises both political and economic pressure to keep targeted countries, friends and foes alike, in check. As should have been apparent from the very beginning of its inception, the European Union has been dominated by the most economically powerful of its members, Germany, which has taken and continues to take advantage of its status as an economic powerhouse to further its own national goals, often at the expense of other “equal members”. Through the creation of a European Union that decides on our collective futures through non-elected, by us anyway, bureaucrats and foreign politicians, we have sacrificed our sovereignty, our national independence, our individuality for theoretical benefits we have not actually seen in practice.

If, newly elected and highly unpopular among the European elite President Trump, succeeds, either by design or through…..let’s just call it a “personality clash” with European leaders, to put an end to both these monstrosities, I for one will be very  grateful to him and the United States. (I never thought that I would ever be able to say that I “would be grateful to the US” for anything.)

We have seen how in the first hours of his presidency, with the stroke of a pen, he put an to end the mysterious and exploitative TTP, a trade agreement that not only the people but also their government representatives were kept in the dark as to its terms.

Say what you will about Donald Trump, good or bad, he is a man of action and not afraid to take on the “establishment”.

  • Tracie Carvin

    If we had an actual independent media, more people would know this. But thanks to people like you, and actual independent media those who want to know, can. It always amazes me when people say to me they aren’t interested in politics because it “doesn’t affect me”.

  • Daniel J. Brown

    Takes on Trump seem to vary dramatically by region, but imagineably they will eventually level out and come to agreement. From an Asia-pacific perspective, the best thing he has accomplished so far has been to rattle and dethrone the establishment and potentially bring ANZUS to a long overdue re-examination by our long subservient Government.
    The worst, and potentially a grave one, is to encourage Americans domestic opinions to view that the outside World has someohow been taking advantage of the USA all this time.. rather than the obvious opposite. Potentially with multi faceted ramifications.
    If Iran is indeed under threat, I have no doubt that it’s oilfields won’t long remain the property of the Iranians. The USA seems past the point of staying dominant without needing to steal from others. Unfortunately, maintaining that need to feel exceptional seems to remain the priority and the toxic glue that underpins an Empire.