Americans, open your eyes and see who is leading you into this “revolution”

Did you know that the move by Trump to forbid the entry into the country by Muslims from seven countries is merely the enactment of «the Visa Waiver Program and Terrorist Travel Protection Act of 2015». An Act that was put forward by the Obama Administration? In fact the “seven countries” are not Trump’s inspiration; they are the seven countries mentioned in the Act approved by Obama.

Did you also know that the Obama Administration suspended the entry, into the US, of refugees from Iraq for six months in 2011?

Perhaps you did not, because the MSM had no objection to anything Obama was doing and did not guide you by the hand on what to condemn and demonstrate against…. as it is very much doing now.

Nobody says you should love Trump, but open your eyes and see who it is that is leading you into this “revolution”.




It has been said by some friends that I am “a little pro-Russian and somewhat anti-West”.


I have seen the policies of both and have developed a bias. I am not an idol-worshipper of any kind and although I consider Putin to be the best President Russia has had since the collapse of the Soviet Union, I don’t lose sight of the fact that he is nothing more than a public servant, just like all of our “leaders”, placed in that position to do their best for the “Demos” (the people). I would say that judging by Putin’s popularity in his own country, the Russian people are generally satisfied with the job he’s done so far.

Now, getting back to the antipathy I feel toward Western governments and their policies. That is based on years of first hand experience and of witnessing the underhanded ways they have treated countries and peoples (so many countries and so many peoples) all over the world that just happened to be too weak to defend themselves, either militarily, politically or economically.




Remember all those promises made by the west to the people of Ukraine if they would only ditch their Russian neighbours, allies and friends that provided them with heavily discounted gas for those cold winters and for their industrial needs, that bought everything the Ukrainians wanted to export, that loaned them billions at low interest rates and allowed them to cross into their country without the hassle of complicated and time consuming visa procedures?

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An orphaned Europe?


Let’s toy with this idea for a few minutes.

It all hinges on the election of Donald Trump as President of the US. Love him or hate him, the man is different. There would certainly have been no surprises if Hillary had cut the ribbon first; things would have continued the way they had been going with Obama except maybe at a much accelerated pace.

Trump calls Putin and true to his pre-election promise, he seeks rapprochement and cooperation with what both Obama and even more vehemently Clinton vilified as the Demon himself [Putin]. The world, at least the world outside the US, breathes a sigh of relief as there was not much doubt where pre-Trump US rhetoric was leading us towards. Now, at least in words, we have two superpowers that are showing a willingness to cut a deal and work together as “two equals”. No mention of “exceptional and indispensable nation” so far.

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Hypocrisy or merely ignorance?

Everyone knows about “Trump’s wall” to keep out Illegal immigrants and do not stop bringing it up expressing their indignation over it. How can they not? MSM in both the US and Europe won’t stop reminding them of it.

But how many of these “moral” people who are outraged by a wall that hasn’t gone up yet, are mentioning or are even aware of the walls that HAVE GONE UP all over Europe to keep refugees out of their own countries….paid for by them?

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The US and the 27 Wasted Years

For a quarter of a century, since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US had it all. It had overnight become the “undisputed Champion”, albeit by default. The counterweight had disappeared and everything tipped in the US’s favour.

Let’s examine for a minute how the US used or abused this new-found unchallenged power:

First it proceeded to add one country after another, of the former Soviet Union, to a Military tool that was supposedly created to combat the Soviet Union which no longer existed and therefore this tool (NATO) should have become obsolete. Instead it became “The international community” that US politicians refer to and the “free world” they claim to be the “leaders” of; a bunch of minions that heard and heeded the warning by Washington that “If you are not with us, you are against us.”

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