Americans, open your eyes and see who is leading you into this “revolution”

Did you know that the move by Trump to forbid the entry into the country by Muslims from seven countries is merely the enactment of «the Visa Waiver Program and Terrorist Travel Protection Act of 2015». An Act that was put forward by the Obama Administration? In fact the “seven countries” are not Trump’s inspiration; they are the seven countries mentioned in the Act approved by Obama.

Did you also know that the Obama Administration suspended the entry, into the US, of refugees from Iraq for six months in 2011?

Perhaps you did not, because the MSM had no objection to anything Obama was doing and did not guide you by the hand on what to condemn and demonstrate against…. as it is very much doing now.

Nobody says you should love Trump, but open your eyes and see who it is that is leading you into this “revolution”.

  • Sue Stack

    Thank you George. Wish this would go viral to wake everyone up! Look at the troubles in Europe and we want the same in America? What are people thinking? Women can’t go outside alone at night anymore! The MSM is doing an excellent job of brainwashing the masses.

  • Chris Assad

    Just does not make sense that Obama’s administration is made to look good,when they are who killed thousands and created all the refugees from these countries. Trump has been around for 8 days, Obama for 8 years.

    • James Dye

      It’s pretty simple. The democratic party is issuing the anti-government party propaganda against the president now that their party lost presidency and the republican party will issue pro-government propaganda since their party is in power.

  • AlexisWolf

    Most are protesting for a more just society for us all. We should question the motives of those who are objecting too or attempting to denigrate the protests (predominantly and typically this is the ‘altright’). Protecting our rights and freedoms does not take away your rights or freedoms.

    • Tracie Carvin

      Rubbish. You should be more wary of the puppeteer pulling the strings behind this “revolution”. It’s not about protecting your “rights and freedoms”, which Obama and Bush have decimated anyway; it’s a colour revolution to overthrow your democratically elected president (whether you approve of him or not). The sociopaths engineering this can quite happily stoke the fire; it won’t be them in harms way when this turns into a civil war.

  • Frances Leader

    All wars are bankster wars & if they happen to be internal, as in the
    case of civil war, all the better. Profits are higher when you don’t
    have to pay for your weaponry & ordnance to travel too far & all
    wars have the desired effect of culling &/or terrorising the
    population, damaging infrastructure & generating lucrative contracts
    to undertake repairs after the carnage is over.
    It is a win/win for the predator class & as usual a decimation for the poor.