Remember all those promises made by the west to the people of Ukraine if they would only ditch their Russian neighbours, allies and friends that provided them with heavily discounted gas for those cold winters and for their industrial needs, that bought everything the Ukrainians wanted to export, that loaned them billions at low interest rates and allowed them to cross into their country without the hassle of complicated and time consuming visa procedures?

All they had to do is overthrow their democratically elected (albeit corrupt) pro-Russian government, pledge allegiance to Uncle Sam who would install his own, equally corrupt but pro-Western regime, and they would instantly be transformed into Western Europeans, with visa-free access to the West and everything they saw in American movies and felt envious of. After all, John McCain himself said it: “America is with you, I am with you.” What better assurance could they expect? Even that nice Ms. Nuland took the trouble to fly the thousands of miles from Washington to bring cookies to them that she freely handed out to every Nazi rioter there. Why else would she have “invested” 5 billion dollars of American tax-payers money (by her own admission) in winning these lovely Ukrainians over if she didn’t love them so much? Surely they had something special, something the US and minions could not live without.

So what happened? The Ukrainians kept their end of the bargain; in violent clashes that resulted in many deaths, they ditched their Russian friends, they said no to the cheap gas from Russia, to the loans and to the revenue from exports to Russia, they proudly displayed the Swastikas their new-found Western friends seemed to be so fond of, but….they don’t feel any more western now than they did when they enjoyed those benefits from Russia. No visa-free regime to travel and work in Germany and France and all the other “heaven-like” western European countries. On top of all that, the American and European promises of solidarity and assistance resulted in their country having shrunk. Where is Mr. McCain now with the American aid he promised? A few US military advisers to help them kill their fellow countrymen more efficiently and a shipment of used Humvees from the first Iraqi war are not going to keep the Ukrainians warm in the cold winter nights; that’s not going to put food on their tables.

But Washington promised!

Get used to it;  you and all those other eastern European countries, bordering with Russia that are today inviting American forces and missiles to their countries turning them into the targets they were never before. That’s all Washington ever does until it gets what it wants, what suits its own interests. Now you try to find your own way out of the shit-hole you got into believing the Americans and their gutless minions and good luck to you!

  • Andy Mills

    Bang! The hammer is down. Nailed it again there bro. The USA doesn’t have friends only interests. That interest often waxes and wanes.

  • Philip Bracq

    Great analysis Georges.Let’s hope Europe will learn.

  • Ruben Valder

    US must understand i hope peacefully, that the empire is over and find an honest work, not war.not coups like “maidan”. that´s a dream..i know.thanks mr. ades.