The channelling of migrants to Europe by Turkey, may lead to war.

The channelling of Muslim migrants, be they refugees or just people from Muslim countries looking for a better way of life in Europe, by Turkey to the Greek Islands, is not a new idea. It was discussed by successive Turkish governments long before Syria and Iraq were targeted by the West for destruction. Long before the refugee flows flooded Europe.

“We don’t have to invade the Greek Islands to occupy them, all we have to do is send over enough Muslim immigrants and then we can sail in wearing nothing more than our swim-suits and take them over.” Boasted former Turkish President Turgut Ozal in the late 1980s.

After the substantial initial intake of refugees and immigrants by Western European countries, succumbing to internal political pressure they all began closing their borders to them. Even non-EU countries bordering Greece received EU funds to put up barbed wire fences to prevent these human flows from leaving Greece and crossing borders to more affluent European countries. They have in effect been trapped in Greece; a country that is having trouble coping with the needs of its own citizens after years of inhuman austerity measures imposed on it by the wealthy western European states.

The flow of Muslim immigrants to the Greek Islands, which are impossible to fence-off with barbed wire, has not stopped. On any given day, boat-loads of these people arrive on Greek shores and they are no longer Syrian refugees, but they are Muslim. One such boat that recently landed on Lesbos contained 48 souls; only one of those 48 was Syrian; the rest were African and Asian.

The Islands are inundated and the Greek government cannot lighten their load quickly enough to keep up with new arrivals.

Some European political animals believe they have the solution to this particular problem that Greece is facing. “Shoot them” or “Throw them back in the water” are just two suggestions that are coming out of the mouths of “civilised” Europeans.

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Let all those proponents of “Open Borders” take down the fences surrounding their property, let them remove the locks from their front doors and then come preach to us on the merits of their chosen ideology.

Although things may sound good in theory, especially if you are looking at it from the safety of your distant home with its picket fence and the double locks on your doors, it is not quite the same when it is happening to you and yours.

Some of us who have experienced invasions; who have seen everything we had worked for over a lifetime taken from us overnight and have been turned into refugees running for our very lives; we bring first-hand experience to what we say; this is not an ideology that we have adopted one night because we’ve read about it and liked that idea.

I have been a refugee, still classified as one; my grandmother was a refugee sixty years before me; I was born and raised in a part of the world that is constantly in turmoil, a part of the world foreign powers have always coveted and repeatedly brought strife to. Our concern here is not that we may be mugged when we go out the house at night. Our concern is that the little that has been left to us will be taken away too. All of it and leave us with nothing to rebuild on.

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