The US (under Trump) and the EU/NATO Alliance.

We have, most of us anyway, in the past expressed our dissatisfaction and concern about both NATO and the EU, two very powerful organisations that are not governed by democratic principles, not accountable to the people of Europe but that very much affect our well-being , even our continued existence on this continent.

In the case of NATO, we have a military Organisation that was created in the forties, primarily by the US, to counter whatever threat was posed by the former Soviet Union and the countries of the Warsaw Pact, neither of which now exist as both collapsed more than a quarter century ago. NATO is not a “defence mechanism” as has been claimed, but a very aggressive, intimidating tool of the West to promote the often dubious goals of the “ruling elite”.

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An orphaned Europe?


Let’s toy with this idea for a few minutes.

It all hinges on the election of Donald Trump as President of the US. Love him or hate him, the man is different. There would certainly have been no surprises if Hillary had cut the ribbon first; things would have continued the way they had been going with Obama except maybe at a much accelerated pace.

Trump calls Putin and true to his pre-election promise, he seeks rapprochement and cooperation with what both Obama and even more vehemently Clinton vilified as the Demon himself [Putin]. The world, at least the world outside the US, breathes a sigh of relief as there was not much doubt where pre-Trump US rhetoric was leading us towards. Now, at least in words, we have two superpowers that are showing a willingness to cut a deal and work together as “two equals”. No mention of “exceptional and indispensable nation” so far.

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