The channelling of migrants to Europe by Turkey, may lead to war.

The channelling of Muslim migrants, be they refugees or just people from Muslim countries looking for a better way of life in Europe, by Turkey to the Greek Islands, is not a new idea. It was discussed by successive Turkish governments long before Syria and Iraq were targeted by the West for destruction. Long before the refugee flows flooded Europe.

“We don’t have to invade the Greek Islands to occupy them, all we have to do is send over enough Muslim immigrants and then we can sail in wearing nothing more than our swim-suits and take them over.” Boasted former Turkish President Turgut Ozal in the late 1980s.

After the substantial initial intake of refugees and immigrants by Western European countries, succumbing to internal political pressure they all began closing their borders to them. Even non-EU countries bordering Greece received EU funds to put up barbed wire fences to prevent these human flows from leaving Greece and crossing borders to more affluent European countries. They have in effect been trapped in Greece; a country that is having trouble coping with the needs of its own citizens after years of inhuman austerity measures imposed on it by the wealthy western European states.

The flow of Muslim immigrants to the Greek Islands, which are impossible to fence-off with barbed wire, has not stopped. On any given day, boat-loads of these people arrive on Greek shores and they are no longer Syrian refugees, but they are Muslim. One such boat that recently landed on Lesbos contained 48 souls; only one of those 48 was Syrian; the rest were African and Asian.

The Islands are inundated and the Greek government cannot lighten their load quickly enough to keep up with new arrivals.

Some European political animals believe they have the solution to this particular problem that Greece is facing. “Shoot them” or “Throw them back in the water” are just two suggestions that are coming out of the mouths of “civilised” Europeans.

Greeks are hospitable people by nature and many of them are descendants of refugees who fled the Turkish pogroms of Asia Minor and Constantinople; they know what it means to be running for your life. They open their houses to these people, they share their meagre food with them; they will not kick them out, let alone shoot them or drown them in the Waters of the Aegean as suggested by some European barbarians.

Europeans say “we will not be blackmailed by Erdogan and his threats to flood Europe with immigrants and refugees”. They have sealed their borders securing that these asylum seekers are no longer reaching their countries, but what of Greece? They sent their NATO ships to the Aegean on the pretext of intercepting and turning back these boats from Turkey. Have they? Like hell they have. What they are only interested in is having a strong NATO naval presence in that sea to “intimidate” Russian ships on their way to Syria to fight the terrorists NATO has created and is funding.

In the meantime, Turkey continues flooding the Islands with Muslims and claiming Greek Islands as its own. How long will this go on for? How long before Turkey in an attempt to externalise its own domestic problems makes an aggressive move for some of these islands? How will these Muslims that are being sent to the Islands by Turkey and who are now rioting and shouting “Jihad” behave in such an eventuality?

The Greek Islands are a ticking time-bomb and unless those Europeans, who are very good at telling us that our children should go to school hungry and that our pensioners should freeze to death, do something constructive about this problem, there will soon be a war between Greece and Turkey….and it may not stop there.

  • Billy Johnstone

    Think you will probably find that a great number of these migrants , whether they come from the Middle East or Africa , will have one thing in common……The USA, Israel and their lap puppies have probably messed up their country in one way or another.

  • Mubarak Alshamlan

    The migrant issue is a global event, Greece has it’s unique status that so much could be said about it, Turkey has a lost identity, it is niether a European nor is Asian, it is not a typical Muslim country or non Muslim. Thereafter it will always be unstable country. The biggest issue is the NATO and it’s evil polices.

  • Phil Flyman

    Unfortunately George, the unelected EU will never do anything to stop the flow (remember Coudenhove). Greece will be on its own again. It should leave the EU immediately, make good friends with Russia (as it already partially is) and then ask Russia for help to fend of Erdogan and his criminal cabal. If not, this might indeed turn into a war.

  • Mihael Jozef Osterc

    Europe will be punished. Very soon. Sadly for us