Hypocrisy or merely ignorance?

Everyone knows about “Trump’s wall” to keep out Illegal immigrants and do not stop bringing it up expressing their indignation over it. How can they not? MSM in both the US and Europe won’t stop reminding them of it.

But how many of these “moral” people who are outraged by a wall that hasn’t gone up yet, are mentioning or are even aware of the walls that HAVE GONE UP all over Europe to keep refugees out of their own countries….paid for by them?

Just in case they are not aware of these walls and barbed wire fences, that are meant to keep REFUGEES out of their “civilised” countries, because their MSM conveniently ignores that fact, they can be found in all countries bordering Greece, some of which are not even EU countries but they have nonetheless received EU funds to erect these barriers, thus trapping these people in austerity stricken Greece that is simply too humane to drown them in the Aegean as suggested by some of these “civilised” Europeans.

I’m not saying Trump is either right or wrong about wanting to safeguard his country’s borders from a flood of illegal immigrants, that’s for each of us to decide based on our personal moral code, but “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

  • Andy Mills

    ….and by George he’s up and running. Nice one bro, long may it continue.

  • Andy Mills

    I think personally people are just jumping on the anti-trump bandwagon based on the hysteria whipped up by the msm. However, he has made no friends with the anti Muslim rhetoric especially after the US created more Muslim refugees than the world had ever seen before they tried to spread democracy thro the middle east. The biggest issue for me is the attitude to the shitraeli filth. With 11 prominent zionazis in his team they will likely be given carte blanche to build further settlements in direct contravention of international law. Not to mention apartheid, human rights abuses, organ trafficking, an unregulated and illegal nuclear weapons arsenal. Trump I believe will condone all this and more. If he makes good on his promise to put the US embassy into Jerusalem he will find in excess of 2,5 billion Muslims worldwide baying for the blood of every jew and every American on the face of the planet.

  • Pania

    The same people are indeed actually ‘outraged’ (read: virtue signalling) over the ‘closed borders’ in Europe.

    The thing is, most of the people who have been able to enter Europe are not refugees – and of those who could broadly be defined thus, they are hardly the most needy (you’ll find them in the camps in Turkey, Lebanon etc, plus in their countries of origin). Most of them are well-fed, well-resourced young opportunist men (word spreads quickly), enticed by false promises and images of a utopian Europe and rich pickings; there’s also the usual Islam-spreaders (the doctrine itself envisages world domination, remember that).

    Very many non-Syrians, very many fake (or ‘lost’) ID cards.

    • Andy Mills

      Islam spreaders? the doctrine envisages world domination? Are you for real? Really? Shall we start with the crusades, Catholic missionaries, etc? It seems to me that the religion after world dominance is Christianity. Always has been.

      • Pania

        Hello Mr. Mills. I just replied to you in the main thread. It’s a pretty empty discussion board here anyway ;).

  • Pania

    Hello Mr Mills :).
    Yes, I am for real. If you learn about the Koran, the Hadith and the
    Sira, you will understand.

    Crusades: Like many things in history, people and scholars will argue what were the causes and what actually happened. And like most historical events, most people have an opinion without having tried to study anything. An opposite theory to the one which most modern ‘liberals’ seem to believe in, is that the crusades were a reaction to several centuries of intrusions and plundering (e.g. taking slaves) of Europe by the Islamic nations (tip: research the Islamic slave trade).

    Yes, true, there have been Christian missionaries, but the Christian religion itself doesn’t require as part of the religion that its proponents help to spread it.

    Ok, I’ll clarify a bit more: A small part of Islam is religion (commonly known as the ‘Mekka’ part). This is more or less ordinary religious stuff, fairly peaceful. But the rest of Islam (known as the ‘Medina’
    part) is merely a political doctrine dressed as religion, which
    preaches violence, deceit and other tactics as a means to defeat and convert the ‘unbelievers’. Ever heard of Sharia law? This is
    where it comes from.

    People talk about ISIS (& similar groups) not being “the real Islam”. In fact, they are following Islam to the word, spreading it by the sword and other tactics (e.g. the Muslim Brotherhood’s tactic is to spread Islam via political infiltration).

    I know it may be hard to accept, but with further study, the world will gradually make more sense.

  • Mij Swerdna