The MSM is being resurrected

The minute I catch myself agreeing with the views promoted by the corporate media, is the minute I realise I am on the wrong track.

Not too long ago you hardly encountered Facebook “activists” parroting MSM positions and that corrupt institution was quickly being ignored as a lying, guided “weapon of the establishment”; Trump’s election has brought it back to life with so many people being influenced by and agreeing to what they are being served by it.

Trump may turn out to be just another US president of the kind that we have gotten used to over the years. If he does, we will continue to express our opposition to the evil US Empire as we had been doing all along; but it will not be based on what the MSM tells us to believe. We know that cannot be trusted.

  • Mubarak Alshamlan

    Absolutely right, Trump made it clear, that the MSM is totally corrupted so is the statistic agencies