The US, a country at war….with itself.

The voices against newly-elected President Trump are multiplying and getting bolder. Not only do we have ex-president Obama, without a doubt one of the most prolific mass murderers in recent US history, calling for the people to continue their protests to “protect democracy and American values”, there’s also George Soros, billionaire “kingmaker” and protagonist of many a “colour revolution” pulling out all the stops and sparing no expense in financing these so called “spontaneous protests” throughout the world against the lawfully elected President of the US; further ex Pentagon officials are openly calling for his overthrow by the military. The European ruling elite, obviously taking their cue from the same source are openly defying what they had traditionally accepted as “the leader of the free world”… their leader.

European magazines are blatantly calling for his assassination without fear of repercussions for such a criminal suggestion.

Someone’s interests have obviously been harmed by Trump’s unexpected victory over the establishment’s darling and they are not prepared to wait it out for four years until they have another chance to replace him with their chosen candidate.

Trump is a coarse man with the charm of a porcupine, but he stands up to the system, at least so far. He may make the wrong choices but at least they are his choices and not dictated to him by those who are fighting him tooth and nail. After all, isn’t that why the American public voted him into power to do?

Whatever happens to Trump in the very near future, the US will never be the same again. Whether he survives a full term, or he is “stopped”, one way or another, the schism created by his election will only grow.

  • Sherry Amanpour

    It is an interesting analysis that Trump stands up to the establishment–many of us believe the establishment is furious with DT because during his campaign he revealed information that unveiled the disguise of the profiteers…but now that DT is President…it is likely he will either be ‘stopped’ or he will fall in line with the corrupt ravaging power interests…time will tell…