The last US elections have without a doubt achieved one important “goal”.

They have divided the American people! No matter how many times you state that you are not a supporter of Trump, unless you unleash outright criticism of what he has done or some people feel certain he will do in the future, you will be branded a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, a rightist, a Trumpist…

What some people fail to realise is that this new “revolution” they suddenly discovered, a “revolution” that is not against the bombing of innocent people around the world, but against more mundane things, is not theirs at all. It is fuelled and financed by others who have much to gain from this split of the populace.

Ever wondered why the corporate media, that you all claim not to trust, is now on your side and feeding you with all this information that enrages you?
I have seen past demonstrations against the bombing of Syrian civilians by the US; they consisted of no more than half a dozen people with home-made placards. No media coverage for them, no media encouragement, no Soros and Co. funding.

Any comparison between Trump and Obama is immediately attacked with “Why do you mention Obama? He is no longer President.” Obama could do no wrong; the media did not report on his numerous crimes, therefore, there was no need for you to demonstrate. The comparison is not on the merits of the two presidents, but on the support or lack of support they each received from that corporate tool.

The sad truth is that it is hard for you to admit that you are still the sheep you’ve always been as far as MSM is concerned; all they needed to do was find the right buttons to push and they have you once again.

Go ahead. Continue with your peaceful and not so peaceful demonstrations that you believe are “spontaneous”. Divide yourselves further; escalate this into another civil war. Perhaps this is what Americans need. Perhaps this is what that country deserves.